Lumbar/Thoracic Back Brace

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The Trend Quick Form 31 is a one-size, extremely easy to adjust LSO. The Quick Form line is designed to exceed the quality and of other braces but at a more affordable price-point than any brace in its class. This brace is the ideal product for your patients who have trouble adjusting products themselves as our entire Quick Form  Series of braces now offers our revolutionary “No-Grip” fastening and compression system which allows patients who lack tensile strength the ability to don and adjust the compression themselves. The brace’s single or dual-arm pulley compression enables patients a nearly effortless and simple way to attain perfect compression whether sitting or standing.  The innovative universal sizing belt also adjusts in mere seconds and can resize up or down if the patient’s size changes over the course of use.We have designed this product to go from 25”-60” with minimal effort. This brace is very light weight, breathable, and offers excellent support and compression.

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